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3 March 2020
Paris, France
Rare Diseases Research (RDR) Challenges Call Matchmaking Tool

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EJP RD Rare Diseases Research (RDR) Challenges Call Matchmaking Tool

The EJP RD is implementing a new funding scheme, focused on high added value in the field of therapeutic development, in order to promote and facilitate active collaboration between academia, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Patients Advocacy Organisations (PAOs) and Industry: the Rare Diseases Research Challenges (RDR Challenges) scheme.

Industry partners have been involved in the identification of four challenges that are the topics of the call and that were validated by the EJP RD partners including patients.

Collaborative consortia of applicants (academics, SMEs, patient organizations) and the involved industry partners will address the challenges and provide solutions. It is expected that the creation of new RDR partnerships will enable access to scientific and technological innovations emerging from SMEs and academic research groups for industry and provide a facilitated pathway for academics to exploit their research.

In order to initiate exchanges and/or formation of collaborative consortia of applicants to the call, a Networking Event took place in Paris on March 3, 2020, where the challenges were presented. Pre-arranged bilateral/multilateral meetings were also organized in this occasion between potential applicants (academia, SMEs, PAOs) and the involved industry sponsors who identified the challenges. 

After the event, the tool remains open to allow matchmaking expertise.

If a potential applicant was not able to join the networking event it is mandatory to contact the industry sponsor in order to validate relevance and adequacy of the concept

4 RDR challenges:

  • Development of a non-invasive tool for measuring rare disease patient mobility in daily living
    INDUSTRY SPONSOR. Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. (Italy), CSL Behring (Australia)
  • Delivery system for intranasal administration of biological drugs to neonates
    INDUSTRY SPONSOR. Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Characterize Rare Bone Disorders (RBD) Mobility Challenges in Real World Setting
  • Pre-clinical assay to detect instability of microsatellite repeat expansions
    INDUSTRY SPONSOR. Pfizer, Cydan


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Paris, France

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